Claims Process

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Step 1 Schedule a Free Inspection:

  • Contact Falling Water Construction to schedule a free roof and exterior inspection.
  • One of our project managers will meet with you to conduct the inspection.
  • We will create a picture file, highlighting all damage for you and your insurance companies records.
  • We will secure property from further damage.
  • We will review damage and discuss insurance claim process.

Step 2 Contact your Insurance Company:

  • Inform your insurance of the damage, date and type.
  • Schedule an insurance adjustor inspection.
  • That Falling Water Construction is your contractor.
  • That its ok to speak directly to Falling Water Construction.

Step 3 Insurance Adjustor Inspection:

  • We will meet with the adjustor, share pictures and estimates for the damage.
  • Assist the adjustor throughout the inspection.
  • Provide them with code requirements and upgrades.

Step 4 Receipt of Insurance Settlement:

  • Your insurance will provide us with a loss summary report detailing the scope of damage.
  • You will receive an initial check from your insurance company for a portion of the roof replacement cost.
  • Your mortgage company may need to cosign the checks. We can assist you with this process.
  • Once we have agreed upon scope of work and initial payment, we will order material and schedule work.

Step 5 Roof replacement:

  • We will pull a permit and review the material order prior to construction
  • We will discuss the installation process with you and be in close communication, informing you on all crucial points in-cluding the build schedule.
  • A project manager will be present to insure that all code guide-lines and safety standards are followed.
  • After construction questions or concerns you have will be ad-dressed immediately.

Step 6 Final Insurance Collection:

  • We will notify your insurance company to release the remain-ing balance of your insurance claim.
  • We will discuss the final payment process with you and invoice you for the balance of settlement.
  • You will receive a final check from your insurance company for the balance of insurance claim.
  • Provide us with final insurance paperwork and a check for the

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