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Storm damage claims are different from other types of property claims. A storm damage claim is considered a “Act of God”, meaning that there was nothing you could do to prevent the damage. This type of claim is figured into the local area rate, which will be included into everyone's rate regardless whether they had a claim or not. Storm damage claims generally will not effect your individual insurance rate. Be sure and include the following information when calling in your claim:

  • There was a severe storm at your property. Include date and time.
  • Falling Water Construction is your preferred con-tractor and they advised you to call in a claim after reviewing damage.
  • Falling Water Construction has or will secure prop-erty from further damage if needed.
  • It is ok to speak directly with Falling Water Construc-tion concerning insurance claim.
  • To please inform Falling Water Construction of scheduling of adjustor inspection so they can have a project manger on site to assist with inspection.

Major insurance provider claim departments:

American Family: (800) myamfam

 Allstate: (800)allstate

 Farmers: (800) 435-7764

 Farmers Bureau: (800) 716-6386

 Liberty Mutual: (800) 526-1547

 Metlife: (800) 854-6011

 Nationwide: (800) 421-3535

 Progressive: (800) 274-4499

 Safeco Ins: (800) 332-3226

 Shelter Mutual: (800)shelter

 State Farm : (800)sfclaim

 USAA: (800) 531-8222

Colorado Offices:

Centennial - 720-338-7777
Colorado Springs - 719-357-5578


Texas Offices:

Fort Worth - 817-229-9799
Dallas - 469-900-0715

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